Symantec has announced that they will now secure www & non-www domain names with single SSL certificate and it will be considered the same FQDN (Full Qualified Domain Name).

The base domain will be counted as a Free SAN (Subject Alternative Name) means Symantec will directly add the Free SAN to the SSL certificate, you can secure both versions of your website, and with single Symantec SSL Certificate. Therefore, customers will be issued SSL certificate along with already included free SAN that will reduce multiple certificate management cost and time of your website.

3 use cases for Symantec SSL certificates:

  • When Common Name is , Symantec will automatically add non-www version of the same domain ( as a SAN for free.
  • When Common Name is, Symantec will automatically add as a free SAN.
  • When Common Name is a wildcard certificate *, Symantec will automatically add as a free SAN.

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