Effective December 1, 2017 , all Symantec SSL/TLS certificates will be issued from a new PKI infrastructure under DigiCert and Symantec Corp. . They have announced that DigiCert has completed its acquisition of Symantec’s Website Security and related PKI solutions (GeoTrust, Thawte, & RapidSSL). With the transition of SSL validation, issuance and other processes to DigiCert, Symantec customers have a clear path forward to maintain trust in their SSL certificates.

A new PKI system has been diligently designing and building by DigiCert since acquiring Symantec to resolve compliance issues with the browser community. The new, smarter PKI will go-live on December 1, 2017 which means all new, reissued, renewed, or replaced SSL/TLS certificates issued going forward will have NO issues with ANY browsers. For Symantec customers and end-users, they can feel assured that they will have continuity in their website security.

If you are a user of the SSL certificate, there is nothing you are required to take action on. This acquisition has no impact on your certificates' validity periods. All Symantec issued certificates remain valid and will continue to work.

However, we will always be with you for any issue of SSL renewal, get new certificates, or any enquiries.

There are a few dates which might catch your attentions:

• Before March 15, 2018 (Chrome 66 Beta), for certificates that issued before 1 June 2016, you may proceed to renew the certificate as normal.

• Before September 13, 2018 (Chrome 70 Beta), for certificates that issued before 1 December 2017, you may proceed to renew the certificate as normal.

Looking for the SSL certificates: https://www.sslcert.com.hk

About SSL enquiry: https://www.sslcert.com.hk/index.php?route=information/contact

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