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Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate

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The acquisition and management of different SSL Certificates are troublesome and the cost is very high. To make it simpler, you can just put all domains on a PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate. It saves your time and money as you can secure maximum 100 domains on a single SSL Certificate.


The basic certificate covers 3 domains (1 Primary Common Name [CN] + 2 Subject Alternative Names [SANs]). For more SANs, you can pay additional charge to add them on same SSL Certificate.


For example, a PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate can be used to secure:,, ......


PositiveSSL Multi-Domain can be issued efficiently in several minutes. No paper work is required.







Domain Validation

Comodo will only verify the ownership of domain name before issuing the certificate. Domain Validation Certificate can be issued within minutes.

Secures Multiple Domains

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain secures up to 3 domains by default (1 Primary Common Name [CN] + 2 Subject Alternative Names [SANs]).

Encryption Strength

Support 128-bit to 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit RSA private key, which is the industry standard for data protection.

Maximum 100 domains are secured on a single SSL Certificate

After the 3rd domain, each additional domain (additional SANs) only costs HK$280. PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate secures up to 100 domains.

Site Seal

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate offers a free static site seal. You can display it anywhere on your website, so that your customers can know your website is secured.

Over 99% Browser Compatibility

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate is trusted and recognized by 99% browsers.

Unlimited Server License

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain comes with unlimited server license and unlimited free re-issuance. This means you can install it on as many physical servers as you need.

Issuance Time

No document and paperwork are required. PositiveSSL Multi-Domain can be issued in few minutes.


tick Free with Website Vulnerability Scanning (90 days)



Important Notes:


- To ensure the issuance of SSL Certificate faster, you need to make sure your domain's whois contact information is correct.


- A dedicated IP can be ordered from your web hosting service provider if you want to improve compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP.


- A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) generated on your web server for your domain. You can contact your web hosting service provider for the assistance of CSR generation and SSL installation


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